Brexit & You – What it means

On the 29 th March 2019 Britain is due to leave the EU so what does this mean to all of us?
The free movement of people ends 31 st December 2020 (30 th June 2021 if the UK enters into
a deal) If you are an EU National it will have no immediate change for you and your family if
they are living in the UK.

However, any EU Nationals will need to apply for ‘Settlement Status’ and this is broken
down into two sectors, if you have been in the UK for less than 5 years then you will need to
apply for ‘Pre-Settlement Status’ and if you have been here for more than 5 years you can
apply for ‘Full Settlement Status’.

Anyone using an Android mobile device can download an App called EU Exit: ID Document
Check and follow the on-screen instructions. Alternatively, for further information you can
visit the government website;

From 29th March there will be no charge for applications for settlement status, although
anyone applying before this date may be charged £65.00 but this cost can be claimed back.
The above is based upon an assumption of a no ‘deal’ Brexit, however If the UK exits the EU
under ‘a deal’ then the rights of an EU National living in the UK will remain the same until
30 th June 2021. They will still need to apply for ‘settled’ status prior to this date as outlined

If you are looking to drive your motor vehicle outside of the UK after the 29 th March 2019
then you will need to apply to your vehicle insurance company for a ‘Green Card’ which will
provide evidence that you have insurance whilst driving your vehicle in the EU.

Whilst we are endeavouring to provide you with information regarding Brexit and what this
means to everyone, some of the information from the government may change. We will
look to update this page with any relevant changes to keep everyone informed as and when
we get to know, so review this page on a regular basis.