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MEM Recruitment is your specialist local recruiter and as such we are here to support you and our local business community. We pride ourselves on our independent reputation for providing great people to great companies.

Below is just a small selection of the feedback we have had from our employees.

From us at MEM Recruitment, thank you.

MEM Recruitment Testimonial

I have an amazing experience with MEM. I can't say enough good things about this company. Being friendly but also professional in every context I have seen them in, particular Dan. It has made my life a lot easier being able to give me a great workplace. Even when a location was in a different town, they have provided me with transport. I would strongly recommend this agency and I can't thank Dan and the team enough!

Ivars Brencis
Machine Operator
MEM Recruitment Testimonial

For 6 months prior to joining MEM I was working with different agencies, nothing solid, working here and there. Via social media, I then found MEM Recruitment and applied for a role. I was employed with MEM for nearly 2 years and in that time I worked for a well-known company as a Warehouse Operative which actually led to a full-time team leader position! MEM staff were always great. The managers even drove us to our jobs when we couldn't arrange transportation. I can highly recommend MEM to all my friends and family, and I did... Thank you to the staff at MEM.​

Kiril Petrov
MEM Recruitment Testimonial

I was one of the people that was made redundant through the sad collapse of Monarch Airlines and thought how hard it would be to find work. One day in September 2017 I walked down into Bedford town and walked into MEM Recruitment office. Having worked 16 years for the same company I was a bit nervous about starting at a new place. From the minute of walking into the office I was speaking to a very warm and friendly bunch of people and spoke to them openly about perhaps finding work through them. Within no time at all they had me working and have been temping with them non-stop since signing with them. I have found them being supportive, understanding, professional, friendly, informative and always there to help and most importantly also being paid on time. For me I couldn't have gone to a better Recruitment Agency they are fantastic, be reliable and hardworking for them and they will do the same back for you, five out of five star rating from me.​

Ricky Spencer
Temporary Staff
MEM Recruitment Testimonial

Great service from MEM finding me work last year. I'm glad to say that I started off as a temporary member of staff and then offered a permanent position within the organisation that MEM placed me into. MEM Recruitment's friendly staff were really efficient in finding me employment. Thanks to you all.

Carmelo Mongiovi
Temporary Staff
MEM Recruitment Testimonial

My name is Robert Gorski and I am from Poland, I start work for MEM Recruitment in 2015, and from that time I can’t say any bad word about this company. They are very helpful people not only in when it comes to finding me work but also in other times. I have never had any problems with payment or taking paid holiday, like I have when I work for other agencies. I was never leave without work more than one or two days but this was also very rarely. When one job was finished or it was not a job I enjoyed they always find me another one and never leave me on my own. I don't have plans to leave MEM, until I find really nice job in nice place with good people which will be full time contract. Last thing I can say if you looking for work go to MEM, and sooner or later they will find a job that will suit you. If you will be polite and respectful, they will treat you the same way.

Robert Gorski
Temporary Staff
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